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Operating a No-till garden can be challenging at first, but once you understand the concepts it can be simpler than a conventional roto-tilled system.  A no-till system will typically require less watering and less weeding.
Gardening is a popular tool for homeowners to grow their own food.  It is important to remember the soil in which the plants are grown is more than just a medium to grow things.  It is a living thing and we must treat it as such.  Incorporating cover crops can boost soil productivity and reduce commercial fertilizer needs.

Keys to success:

  • Keep a layer of residue on the surface – add residue if needed (grass clippings, straw, leaves, landscape fabric…)
  • Rotation of cool season, warm season, grasses and broadleaves
  • Plant a cover crop between rows or after harvest of your crop, keep a living root in the soil as much as possible
  • Never disturb/till the soil

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